Hello! I’m the Social Media Editor at NBC10 Boston, where I oversee all social media activities for a dynamic new station. From 2009 to 2015, I served as a reporter and editor for The Korea Times, the most established English-language Korean daily news organization.

Many of these stories illustrate the rapid changes underway on the Korean Peninsula — changes underpinned by a painful history. There are heartbreaking stories of South Koreans who say their loved ones are trapped in the North. In Pyongyang, fashion trends are catching up with the rest of East Asia, highlighting a rudimentary middle class but also the North’s economic reliance on China.

In the South, dramatic demographic shifts are underway but sexual minorities, single mothers, multiracial families and North Korean defectors are harshly stigmatized. And while contemporary Korean culture draws interest worldwide, the future is in doubt for older traditions, such as as the legendary free-diving women of Jeju Island.

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